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Chapter 9: The Sun Is New Each Day

Heraclitus says desire and satiety - these are two. You feel hunger and then you eat, and then you feel satisfied. Have you ever observed that the hunger and the satiety are one? They have to be one because the same thing, food, changes both. Food becomes a bridge between hunger and satiety, desire and desirelessness. If they are really separate then they cannot be bridged. If they are really different then there is no possibility of any bridge. Then hunger will remain hunger and satiety will remain satiety. Where will they meet? And how will they meet? But they meet. Mind thinks hunger is against satiety. Just try to understand it. Move a little deeper into it. Mind says hunger is different from satiety, but when you are satisfied again a circle has started which will bring hunger; and when you are hungry a circle has started which will bring satiety. Are they two or just a single phenomenon? When you eat, hunger disappears, but the moment hunger disappears a new circle starts.

A new morning is a beginning of the evening. A new birth is a beginning of death.

But you cannot see so far away. Every morning you become hungry and you eat and you become satisfied. In the evening you are again hungry and then you eat and you achieve satiety - but you never see that they both are one. One helps to bring the other. If you are never hungry, can you be satisfied? Is there any possibility of satiety if you are never hungry? If you are never hungry, don’t think that you will be in a state of satiety - the satiety cannot come without hunger. If there is no morning, don’t think that there will be evening always and always - there will be no evening at all. And if there is no death, don’t think that there will be life eternal - there will be no life at all.because death creates the situation, sets an energy phenomenon. Every life brings death, every death brings life again.

These two appear two to the mind because the mind cannot see through opposites. When you don’t see from the mind, from the logical standpoint, when you simply look into the phenomenon itself, the totality of it, the two disappears and only one remains.

That is the thing with God as creator and universe as creation. Not only are ordinary persons deceived by the mind - great theologians, they are also deceived by it. They also say, “God created the world.” This statement is juvenile, it is childish. Nobody has created existence - it is, it is simply there - because if you bring in creation then millions of problems arise. And that is why theology brings more problems and no solution. And they create a theory, a hypothesis, to solve many problems. Nothing is solved. On the contrary, around the hypothesis new questions arise. They tried to solve the problem of existence by bringing God in, that God created it. Then they created millions of problems - and they have not been able to solve them. Once you start on a wrong line you will go on missing, because one thing leads to another. And there is a relatedness: if one thing is wrong, then it will lead to another wrong proposition. Unless you start from the very beginning towards the truth, you will never reach - because the beginning is the end.

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