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Chapter 9: I Am a River Continuously Flowing

Twenty-five years have passed since we saw you, knew you, and dissolved in you. There have been others also. There has been no “turning back” either, in our thoughts. We have seen many people making sudden turnabouts, even after reaching to heights - even Ajit Saraswati. What is this phenomenon?
Osho, please explain.

Sohan and Manikbabu, the phenomenon you are asking about is very simple. In fact, the simplest things in life are the most difficult to understand - one almost always misses the obvious.

It is true: twenty-five years have passed, and you both have not wavered for a single moment since the day you saw me. You have become part of me, and I have become part of you. Many more have come in these twenty-five years, and many have dropped out - even a person like Ajit Saraswati. He is your friend; hence, you have mentioned his name.

The simple phenomenon that I want you to understand is, how you approach me. It can either be the approach of love, or it can be the approach of logic. Love knows no turning back; logic cannot be relied upon. You have been in love with me; hence, there was no question of turning back. Love knows no doubt - it trusts, and trusts absolutely.

But people like Ajit Saraswati have not approached me in the same way. Their approach has been of the head, of the intellect. They were convinced that what I was saying was exactly what they believed. I was secondary; they were primary. They were comparing continuously: my being right was dependent on whether it fitted in with their own intellectual garbage. Any moment, if I said something that did not fit with their ideas - immediately there were doubts.

They did not love me, they only loved their own thoughts. And what thoughts do they have? Everything is just borrowed from here, from there - and it is impossible for me to go on saying things which suit the philosophy of everybody who comes to me.

Neither of you was related to me in any intellectual way. That is the worst kind of relationship - it is always on the point of breaking up.

You did not love me because I was saying things which were according to your knowledge, according to your philosophy, according to your religion. You loved me first, and once you love, then it is not a question of my statements fitting in with your statements.

Love is such a fire that it burns all the garbage that you have been thinking of as tremendously valuable. All that remains is pure gold. Except through love, in existence there is no way to find pure gold.

You both are fortunate - you have never discussed any question with me. I have been staying with you for many years - others have been coming to your house with questions, with their doubts, with their arguments - but you have never asked anything. Only at night when everybody else was gone, you both used to sit by my side on the balcony of your house, in deep silence, facing the sky and the stars.

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