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Chapter 8: Essential Zen

When there is a war going on, everybody gets up early in the morning to find the newspaper, what is happening. Everybody looks fresh; something terrible is happening, so many thousands of people are dying. We have become so accustomed to tragedy, and comedy seems to be tasteless.

When you have found a master, you have found him. You can remain, you can go, but the master has settled in your heart.

Those who go on and on are simply indicating that they have not found the man who makes your heart dance. They have not clicked with somebody. They have not found a man of presence who engulfs you with love and joy, compassion and light, life and love, beauty and truth, and all that is divine in existence. Unless you have seen those two eyes in which all that is divine reflects, you have to go on in the hope that somewhere you may find.

But remember always, because you can miss a real master, that you have to be absolutely receptive, utterly open, with no doors closed, with no windows closed. The fresh breeze comes with great fragrance, the coolness of it.the perfume of it is always available; just your doors were closed.

So if you don’t find a master, don’t think that there is no master. First, begin to see: Are you able to receive a master? Is your heart open? Is not your mind burdened with many kind of prejudices?

What are all your religions except prejudices? No man of intelligence can depend on birth; birth is accidental. You are born a Hindu, that does not make you a Hindu. You are born a Mohammedan, that does not make you a Mohammedan. Such a great phenomenon as religion cannot be left hanging on the accidental phenomenon of birth. You have to choose it. You have to find it. Everybody has to go into deeper search.

Isan admired him.

Remember, admiration is not the real appreciation of a master. If Isan had given him a good slap, or a good stick, that would have been appreciation.

Our stock-holder - because I am a lazy man, I cannot carry the stick - has come from Germany. Just show your stick and hit poor Maneesha! (Niskriya takes the stick and taps Maneesha on the head. it makes a loud, sharp click.)


Isan admired him and said, “This has always been the claw and fang of our sect.”

Seeing that Kyozan would not understand, he is not yet ripe, Isan avoided the stick.

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