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Chapter 9: The Seer Is Not Seen

Life is misery as you know it, life is bliss as I know it. Then we must be talking about different things, because how can life be misery for you and bliss for me? We are not talking about one and the same thing. When you talk about life, you are talking about a life in the seed, a life just in hope, a life of dreams, fantasies; not a real authentic life. You are talking about a life which only desires but doesn’t know, which only hankers but never reaches; a life which is constantly feeling suffocated but thinks that suffocation is comfort; a life which is a miserable hell but always thinks that something is going to happen out of this hell - heaven is to be born out of this hell.

How can a heaven be born out of hell? How can ecstasy be born out of your miseries? No, miseries will be born out of your miserable life more and more. A child is not so miserable as an old man becomes. It should be just the opposite, because the old man has lived life so much. He must be reaching near the peak, the peak of experiences, the flowers. But he is nowhere near that. Just on the contrary, life has not been a rising wave, he has not reached to any heaven. Rather, he has descended into a deeper and deeper hell. A child seems to be more heavenly than an old man. This is simply absurd; it goes against nature. A child is just a seed. An old man must become a very ancient oak, a great tree; but he is not. He has reached into darker realms of hell. It is as if life is a falling, not a rising phenomenon, as if you are falling towards more and more dark realms, not rising towards the sun.

What happens to an old man? A child is miserable, an old man is also miserable. They are both on the same path. A child has just started the journey and the old man has accumulated all the miseries of the whole journey.

Out of hell, heaven is not born. If you are miserable today, how do you think tomorrow can be happy and blissful? Tomorrow will come out of you. From where else can it come? Tomorrow doesn’t come out of the clock; tomorrow, your tomorrow, comes out of you. All your yesterdays together, plus today, is going to be your tomorrow. It is simple arithmetic: today you are unhappy and miserable; then how, how is it possible that tomorrow is going to be happy and blissful? - impossible! Until you die, it is impossible. Because with your death, all yesterdays die. Then it will not come out of your miseries; then it will be a fresh phenomenon, something which happens for the first time. Then it will not come out of your mind, it will come out of your being. You become dwij, twice born.

Try to understand the phenomenon of misery. Why are you so miserable? What creates so much misery? I watch you, I look inside you; miseries upon miseries, layers upon layers. It is really a miracle how you continue living. It must be that hope is stronger than experience, dream is stronger than reality. Otherwise, how could you continue living? You have nothing to live for except the hope that tomorrow something, somehow, is going to happen which will change everything. Tomorrow is the miracle - and this you have been thinking for many, many lives. Millions of tomorrows came, became todays, but the hope survives. Again hope goes on living. You live not because you have life; you live because you have hope.

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