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Chapter 23: The Only Way to Fail Me Is Not to Be Yourself

Have we failed you in any way, that you have to start speaking again?

It is impossible to fail me. It is not in your hands. You can fail Moses, if you don’t follow his ten commandments. I have not given you any commandments. You cannot go against me. You can fail Jesus very easily because whatsoever he is telling you, teaching you, is against human nature, and you are human beings trying to be superhuman. You are bound to fail.

I have not given you any superhuman ideas. I have never, in any way, persuaded you to go beyond your ordinariness. How can you fail me?

Jesus says, “Love your enemy, just the same as you love yourself.” You may not be able to find the contradiction. First you accept somebody as your enemy. In that very acceptance, you have hated him. And now, Jesus is saying, “Love him.” He is saying, “Love the person you hate.” Translated directly, that’s what his statement means: Love the person you hate.

People have done it, but just the other way round. They have hated the persons they have loved. And the moment Jesus says, “Love thy enemy,” he is not aware of the fact that you cannot even love your friend without hating him, that hate and love are two sides of the same phenomenon. Whosoever you love, you hate too. Sometimes the hate comes up and love goes down, and sometimes the love comes up and the hate goes down. And in twenty-four hours you can watch the wheel of love and hate going up and down toward the same person.

Jesus is talking about love but seems to know nothing about it, because the first thing to know is that love and hate are not two things. You cannot separate them. If you want to love, you have to accept hate too. Yes, your love can be so understanding that it absorbs the hate in itself, that you accept the hate as an essential part of it, that you don’t hate hate, and you don’t create a division in yourself.

You cannot fail me for the simple reason that I have never expected anything from you.

All these messiahs have been expecting things from you: you have to do this, and you have not to do that. Once you go against their idea of how you should be, you have failed. And you are going to fail them out of sheer necessity, because you cannot fulfill somebody else’s idea.

You have a being of your own which needs fulfillment. You have no responsibility toward me, to fulfill my idea. My idea I have fulfilled. Now it is your idea, your being, your essence that has to be fulfilled.

Nobody else can give you the discipline. But down the ages people have ruled people in a thousand and one ways. They will rule you through money, they will rule you through power politics, they will rule you through knowledgeability. They will rule you by becoming a certain image that the society respects.

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