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Chapter 22: Unblocking the Third Eye

Medical diagnosis cannot yet be certain about death. Why? So much development and yet so much uncertainty about death! Really, medical science is trying to deduce death, to infer death, through physical symptoms, and death is a subtle phenomenon, not physical. It is an invisible phenomenon of a different dimension. But with the third eye functioning, you suddenly feel that a man is going to die. How do you feel it? Death has an impact. If the man is going to die, then death has already cast its shadow there, and that shadow can be felt with the third eye at any time.

When a child is born, those who have had much deep practice using the third eye can see the time of his death that very moment. But then the shadow is very subtle. When a person is going to die in six months, then anyone whose third eye functions a little can see the death six months before it comes. The shadow darkens. Really, around you a dark shadow settles down and that can be felt, but not with these two eyes.

With the third eye, you begin to see auras. A person comes to you; he cannot deceive you, because whatever he says is meaningless unless it corresponds to his aura. He may say he is a person who never gets angry, but the red aura will show that he is filled with anger. He cannot deceive as far as his aura is concerned, because he is completely unaware about the aura. Whatsoever he says can be judged through his aura, whether it is right or wrong. With the third eye you start seeing radiations, auras.

In the old days, that was how someone was initiated. Unless the aura was right, the master would wait, because your wish fulfillment was not the question. You may have wanted to be initiated, but that was not enough unless your aura said that you were ready. So for years the disciple had to wait until the aura was ready; it had nothing to do with his desire to be initiated - that is futile. Sometimes even for lives, one had to wait.

For example, Buddha resisted the temptation to initiate women for many years. So much pressure was put upon him; still he would reject this. Ultimately he agreed to initiate women, but then he said, “Now my religion will not be alive after five hundred years; I have compromised. But because you are forcing me, I will initiate women.”

What was the reason why he would not initiate women? One basic reason was this: with man, sexual energy can be regulated very easily. A man can become a celibate very easily. With a woman’s body it is difficult because menses is a regular phenomenon - unconscious, uncontrollable, non-voluntary. Semen ejaculation can be controlled, but menses cannot be controlled. Or, if one tries to control it, then it will have very bad effects on the body.

The moment a woman enters her period of menses, her aura changes completely: it becomes sexual, aggressive, depressed, all that is negative surrounds the woman, and this happens every month. Only because of this Buddha was not ready to initiate women. He said that it was difficult because every month the menses moves in a circle, periodically, and nothing can be done voluntarily. Something can be done, but it was difficult to do that in Buddha’s time. Now it can be done.

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