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Chapter 4: The Transformative Power of Idols

Doctor Frank Rudolf spent his whole life doing re search on an amazing phenomenon. I would like to tell you about it, so that you can understand more easily what idol worship is about. Rudolf studied and reached surprising conclusions about a particular process which most primitive communities have been familiar with for a long time.

Certain primitive tribes believe that it is possible to make a person suffer from a particular disease through a clay effigy which represents him. They believe that even death can be brought about in this way. Doctor Rudolf spent thirty years trying to find out how it is possible to transmit disease and death through an earthen representation of someone. Rudolf lived amongst the tribes in the Amazon for years, and approached the subject skeptically and scientifically, and hundreds of times he actually saw disease and death being transmitted with his own eyes, even if the person was a thousand miles away.

His long study convinced him of the truth of such happenings. There were three things which he came to understand after all his experiments: Firstly, it was not necessary for the clay effigy to exactly resemble the person in whom disease or death was to be invoked - it is difficult even for an experienced sculptor to make a clay effigy which is exactly like a particular person. But it is not necessary.what is important is to establish the shape and form of the person mentally on the earthen representation. And there is a method for doing this.. If one closes one’s eyes and remembers the person, and mentally imposes one’s will on the image, it will become symbolic and active.

I have already told you about the tilak, and that the science of yoga has found the third-eye, which is between the two eyebrows, to have great power stored in it - it is a great transmitter. If you ask your son or a servant to do something, and you feel they may refuse, you can do a small experiment. If you concentrate your energy on the center between your two eyes and tell them what you want them to do, nine times out of ten they will do it. But if you ask them without concentrating your energy that way, nine times out of ten they will not. Any idea or thought conveyed with the energy concentrated between the two eyes moves rapidly, and carries with it great power.

In the same way, if you concentrate on the image of a person with the energy of the third-eye chakra, and if that thought is then directed at the clay effigy, it no longer remains mere clay. The clay mass becomes energized by your concentrated will. If you mentally infuse some disease into it for one minute, the person whom the clay effigy represents will get that disease. No matter how far away the person may be from you, he will be affected; he may even die.

Rudolf wrote that what seemed unbelievable actually did happen during his experiments. Before his very eyes he saw tribesmen force a tree, through an earthen replica of it, to dry up and wither. The tree which had been lush, green and healthy withered, and its leaves became dry. In spite of being watered, within a month the tree became diseased and died. What happened to a tree could happen to a person.

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