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Chapter 4: Emptiness

I tried the first day. I was curious to see if he was really going to do it. Did he mean it? He meant it. When I left the room, he continued, when I came back he was still going on.

For two years I was with him. Sometimes I would go for hours, because I have a habit of sleeping. After eleven-thirty it is difficult for me not to sleep, so at eleven-thirty I would go to my hostel room and I would have a sleep of one hour, then I would come back and he was still talking. He was completely mad. He was really a philosopher.

But I am not talking to you that way. I am not a philosopher at all. I am talking to you.it is an interdependence. Whatsoever I say you are responsible for it as much as I am responsible, because you provoke it. You and I, these are just two polarities. Something between us is created, that’s what is happening. When I am talking to you it is not that I am talking to you, not that you are listening to me; we are talking to us. We are talking to us - this is interdependence.

You are talking through me, I am listening through you - this is interdependence.

Independence you have dropped, now drop dependence also - become interdependent. And this is just a learning here, let your interdependence spread to the whole existence - feel interdependent everywhere. And you are! - that is the reality. Dependence is false; independence is false; only interdependence is true, only godliness is true. Godliness is interdependence.

The fourth question:

According to you, women are closer to the whole than men. How come so few women attain enlightenment then?

Not so few. Exactly the same number of women attain to enlightenment as men, but they don’t fuss about it as much as men - that’s all. They don’t advertise it as much as men. They enjoy it. That is how woman, the feminine being, is.

Man enjoys talking about his enlightenment more than enlightenment itself. He is interested in how many people have come to know that he has become enlightened. Women are not worried. They are not worried at all. If it has happened they enjoy it, they nourish it deep inside. It becomes a pregnancy. They live with it; they don’t talk about it. That’s why you don’t know many names. Only a few names are known and those are of women who had some quality of man in them, that’s why you know. Otherwise you would not have known them.