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Chapter 7: Autumn Floods

There are three hundred languages in the world and three hundred words for rose; there is no relationship, all relationship is arbitrary. Cold is related to hot, well is related to the ocean. Their relationship, howsoever indistinct, is there - real, not arbitrary. But between a word and reality there is no relationship, they are not related at all. So you can have your own words, a private language, you can call anything by any name. If you like to call it something else the rose will not fight in a court. And nobody can prove that their word is more correct than yours, nobody can prove it because no word is more correct or less correct. Words are irrelevant, they are not related. And a philosopher lives in words.

A philosopher is the falsest thing in existence, and the more you become philosophic, the less you live. Then you think about love, you never love; then you think about God, you never become divine. Then you go on talking and talking and talking and your whole energy is wasted in words; there is not a single moment to enter into existence.

Chuang Tzu says: Be aware of all philosophies, because their base is the same - they depend on words. And reality is not a word. Move into the real: you are real, existence is real. Move into the real. Don’t create a wall of words between you and reality, otherwise it is impenetrable; you will be enclosed within your wall. And then it will become almost impossible to come out of it.

Don’t be a philosopher. And everybody is a philosopher! It is difficult to find a man who is not a philosopher. Some philosophers are good, some bad, but everyone is a philosopher. Some are more logical, some are less, but everybody is a philosopher. Drop out of the trip - the trip of philosophy. Only then you enter the real, the existential.

Enough for today?