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Chapter 29: Nietzsche: A Great Freedom or a Great Danger

His writing is also very prophetic, even the method. He does not write in the ordinary way philosophers have been writing down the ages, his writing is aphoristic. You can make a whole philosophy out of one paragraph, it is so condensed. And the man had so much to say that he could not manage to elaborate it himself, so he has just put it in the most condensed form. Just the method of his expression was making him a laughingstock in the eyes of other philosophers who were trained to write in a certain logical manner, giving every proof and every argument.

But Nietzsche has to say so much that he cannot go into details of the arguments and procedures of how he has arrived - he simply writes the conclusion, and that conclusion is aphoristic. He then moves to another subject; and he goes on moving that way.

But I love the way he writes. That should be ultimately the way of writing. If people are intelligent you need not go through all the arguments before you give the conclusion; just the conclusion should be enough. If they are sharp and intelligent they will immediately get all the preceding arguments that are not given to them; there is no need..

He was not writing for children, he thought he was writing for philosophers. But he misunderstood: those philosophers were also not mature enough. They wanted the whole procedure. They could not immediately see the whole procedure in the conclusion; and he had to say so much that it was impossible for him to go into the whole procedure. In every direction and dimension he was touching the foundations.

But whatever he has said is just in seed form. So it is natural that it took almost a hundred years.and now people can reconsider this man.

People who are understood by their contemporaries are not geniuses, they are not great giants of intelligence. That’s why their contemporaries can understand them.

This revival of interest in Nietzsche will bring many fruits of great importance.

We have seen that he was misunderstood even by the people who thought they were followers of Nietzsche. For example, Adolf Hitler - he thought that he was a follower of Nietzsche.

Adolf Hitler is just a retarded man, and the distance between him and Nietzsche’s intelligence is so vast; he could not even understand what Nietzsche was saying. So he picked at things which he wanted, just to have a philosopher behind him. And because Adolf Hitler picked him up, Nietzsche became even more condemned along with Adolf Hitler.

It was not his fault - he had not chosen Adolf Hitler as his successor - but he became more condemned. Even to mention his name became notorious. He became so closely associated with fascism that even great thinkers would not talk about him, for the simple reason that he was a fascist.

He is not a fascist. But when a person is so rich in giving ideas to the world, you can always choose from him things that suit you, and leave everything else that does not suit you.

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