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Chapter 12: Every Joke Has a Great Reason

And he would come to me saying, “You have put me in a very difficult situation. I don’t know what love is, how can I give them recipes? They say, ‘So many girls are chasing you and you are not interested in them. You can introduce at least one girl to me.’ But nobody is chasing me.”

I said to him, “Don’t be worried, from tomorrow morning a girl will start chasing you - the most beautiful girl in the university.”

He said, “Is it a prediction?”

I said, “Yes, it is a prediction. Tomorrow appear in your best dress, perfumed, smiling - don’t look sad.”

There was one beautiful girl in my class. I said to her, “This man is desperate. You have not to do anything, just hold his hand and tell him, ‘I love you.’”

She said, “But it may create some trouble.”

I said, “Don’t be worried, I will take care. The man is so stupid, he cannot create any trouble.”

The girl said, “Let us see.”

After the philosophy period was over she took him aside. Trembling, perspiring, she took his hand in her hand and said, “I have wanted to say it for almost one year: you are the most charming fellow in the university! I am in deep love with you.”

He came running to me; he said, “It has happened!”

I said, “What has happened?”

He said, “The girl took my hand, and she was so nervous to say it, but she told it beautifully: ‘You are a charming man,’ and that for one year she has been waiting to find an occasion to tell me that she is in love with me.”

I said, “Now you know the whole strategy. Hold the hand, tell the person, ‘You are charming and I have been in love with you..’”

He said, “All three steps I have learned perfectly well. I have been repeating them since then.”

The second day he tried it on another girl and the girl slapped him. He could not believe it - how could the recipe fail? He came running to me saying, “I have been insulted before so many people. The girl slapped me - and I had done nothing, just took her hand.. The only difference was that in the first case the girl was perspiring and nervous, and in this case I was perspiring and nervous. And she slapped hard. What kind of love is this?”

I said, “Remember one thing: one girl is one, another girl is another. Why should you try it on another girl? The first one would have behaved more humanly, because I had told her, ‘This poor guy is dying, continuously thinks of love, but does not know what it means and how to start.’”

He said, “Perhaps you are right, I should not have gone to another girl. Then what do you suggest to me?”

I said, “You write letters to the first girl.”

He said, “But I don’t know how to write love letters.”

I said, “Don’t be worried, I will write them - you sign.”

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