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Chapter 14: To Loosen the Bonds of Personality

The scientist is stronger. He can say “I don’t know.” And even when he says “I know,” he says “Up until now this has been true. But I cannot say anything about tomorrow. Things may change, many new facts may become known, and then the truth will have to be readjusted.”

I would like to tell you that Yoga is also a science, it is not a philosophy. Meditation is a science, it is not a philosophy. Remember this: don’t guide anyone unless you have a certain knowledge, a certain experience. And even then, tell others: “This is my experience; it may not be so for you. It is how I have come to it. Your way may differ, it may not prove true for you. So don’t blindly take my advice. You can experiment with it. It is an open experiment.”

Then you can be of some help, otherwise you can create disturbances. Don’t get tempted. Don’t advise unless you really know. Don’t guide. First be a disciple, don’t try to be a master. Mastership will come. When your discipleship has become complete and total, the master will emerge within you - but not before that moment, not before then. Wait for it. It happens.