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Chapter 4: The Sutra Is Long, the Night Is Short

Because it was always said into the ear of the disciple in secrecy, everybody wondered what the last message was. But you could get it only when you became enlightened.

I give it to you even without enlightenment. Buddha was very miserly. Why wait for your enlightenment? Why not tell you the truth right now? charaiveti, charaiveti - go on, flowing, flexible, at rest with existence.

You have been to the Dalai Lama, you may have been to other masters. They are great teachers, they are not masters. That’s why you have not felt at home. Teachers don’t have the charisma, the magnetic force, the buddhafield around them. They have only mere words, unlived, unexperienced. They have great scriptures with them, they are argumentative, they can convince you about a certain philosophy.

I don’t have any philosophy because existence has no philosophy at all. It has flowers, it has stars, it has rivers, it has oceans, mountains. But I have never come across existence having any philosophy, any religion, any dogma, any theology, any creed, any cult. It is absolutely open and free.

Every philosophy becomes an imprisonment. Every religion chains you, handcuffs you. Every cult and creed is poisonous.

You must have come across the teachers. They are repulsive. They try in every way to attract you, and maybe for a small time you may be attracted by their great learning, but soon you will discover that learning is only paper-thick. Inside, the man is as ignorant, perhaps more ignorant, than you are. Soon you will have to desert him.

Here we don’t have any philosophy.

Life is our philosophy.

Existence is our philosophy.

To be in tune with the world, to be in harmony with the cosmos, is our religion. And the whole existence is continuously flowing: charaiveti charaiveti. It goes on and on. There is no end and there is no beginning.

Unless you find such a master, multidimensional, without beginning, without end, you will not feel at home. You will feel in a prison. Only the vast sky of a master can allow you to feel at home, because the basic necessity of every consciousness is freedom.

I teach you freedom. I share with you my freedom, my love, but without any conditions attached to it.

I am just a well, overflowing. If you are thirsty you can drink. You need not even thank me. You don’t owe anything to me, not even gratitude. I am already overflowing, whether anybody drinks of me or not.

Even if you all disappear from the Gautama the Buddha Auditorium, I will come every evening at exactly seven o’clock, and I will talk to my absent disciples.

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