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Chapter 10: Perfection Is Death

Sometime later she served him some flat cakes made practically from flour and water.

Taking a taste he said, “I don’t see what rich people like about blintzes.”

The third question:

I wanted to ask you a question the other day, but without my asking you answered it. How do you manage such miracles?

If you are looking for miracles you will find them aplenty - but miracles don’t happen. The universal law always remains the same; there are no exceptions to it. But there is a stupid desire in almost everybody for miracles. We have not yet outgrown the days of magic. Only in the history books do they say that the days of magic are over. Religion was born out of magic, philosophy was born out of religion, science was born out of philosophy. But these are only words. In fact, there are millions of people who still live in the world of magic, who are childish in their approach towards reality. So they will jump on anything.

It must have been just a coincidence. Now there are three thousand people here and everybody has questions. Three thousand people must be having at least thirty thousand questions! And I go on speaking year in and year out. Just leave a little space for coincidences!

An old farmer had three daughters. When the oldest girl married she moved to Twin Cities, Minnesota, and soon gave birth to a beautiful set of twin boys. Her sister married shortly thereafter, and she and her husband took up residence in Three Rivers, Ontario. Pretty soon she gave birth to triplets. The youngest sister got herself engaged, but after almost a year she still refused to set the date for the wedding.

Her father grew concerned and finally demanded that she stop procrastinating and set the date. “If you love that boy, you will marry him this spring or you won’t marry him at all!”

“But Pa,” she wailed, “I really do love Fred, but he keeps talking about moving to the Thousand Islands!”

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