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Chapter 21: Only If Love Allows

My sexual ethics are a completion. Repression has to be dropped. And a deep acceptance, a deep friendliness toward your own energies, a loving intimacy with your own energies so those energies can reveal all their secrets to you.. And joining them with meditation, orgasm becomes the door to the temple of the divine.

To me, if sex is the creative force in the world, it must be nearest to the creative center of the world - whatever name you give to it. But the creative energy must be closest to the creation, to the creative source of it all.

People should be taught the art of converting sexual energy into spiritual enlightenment.

Do you see a political reason why you are being so tenaciously persecuted - beyond the historical fact that all men of truth, like Jesus, Buddha, Socrates, have also suffered persecution?

Yes, there are political reasons too. In India I was persecuted. Efforts were made to take my life because I was criticizing the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, and his followers who were in power after the British empire left India.

I will give you one example. I was against Mahatma Gandhi, not for any personal reason, not for his intentions, but for his very idiotic philosophy. He was teaching that everything that has been invented after the spinning wheel is the devil’s work. The spinning wheel should be the last development in technology, and everything after it should be dropped. Now this is such nonsense.

The world is starving, dying. India itself cannot provide enough food, clothes, shelter for its people; and now India’s population is nine hundred million. Half of India is going to die by the end of this century, just starving. And Mahatma Gandhi will be one of the persons who has to accept the responsibility for it.

With the spinning wheel, if you work hard eight hours per day, you can manage enough clothes for yourself for the whole year. But eight hours per day you have to work on the spinning wheel. Who is going to give you bread? Who is going to give you a house to live in? And what about your children? What about your wife? What about your old father and mother? What about times when you are sick, or when somebody else is sick, and you need medicine?

Stopping at the spinning wheel is more dangerous than anything man has ever conceived. It will bring more and more poverty to the world, more and more sickness to the world, less and less education. The possibility of civilization will disappear. We will fall into a state of barbaric, primitive aborigines.

Mahatma Gandhi was against railway trains. He was against the telegraph. He was against everything that has proved tremendously beneficial and a blessing to humanity. It is one thing to be against nuclear technology, but to be against technology as such is simply insane.

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