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Chapter 7: Choose the New

Tzu Kung grew weary of study and told Confucius “I want to find rest.”

“There is no rest for the living.”

“Then shall I never find it?”

“You shall. Look forward to the lofty and domed mound of your tomb and know where you shall find rest.”

“Great is death! The gentleman finds rest in it, the mean man submits to it!”

“Tzu Kung, you have understood. All men understand the joy of being alive, but not its misery, the weariness of growing old, but not its ease, the ugliness of death, but not its repose.”

Philosophy is the enemy of truth. And when I say philosophy I mean all philosophy, mine included, because the philosophy creates a screen of words and you cannot see the reality as it is. It distorts reality, it interprets reality, it gives a garb to reality, it hides reality, it covers reality.

Truth is naked, truth is all over, truth is within and without; and the only barriers are the words, the theories, the theologies that you have learned. They don’t allow you to see that which is, they come in the way, they are prejudices. All philosophy is a prejudice, and all concepts are not bridges - no concept is a bridge - they are the barriers.

One day or other, an authentic inquirer comes to that great moment of realization when he feels weary, tired - tired of all this nonsense that goes on in the name of thinking. The word god is not God. How long can you go on playing with the word? The word food is not food. How long can you go on carrying the word food and remain hungry? One day or other you will become aware that what you are carrying is only a word - it cannot nourish you, it cannot give you life, and it cannot give you peace, and it cannot give you anything. Of course it promises all, that is how philosophy becomes so important - because of its promises. But all those promises are empty; they are never fulfilled. Philosophy has never helped anybody to realize truth. This great moment of realization has come into of Tzu Kung. He was the chief disciple of Confucius.

Tzu Kung grew weary of study.

To look is one thing, to study is diametrically opposite. If I say to you “Go and see the roseflowers in the garden,” and rather than going to the garden you go to the library and you study about the roseflowers - that is study. About and about, around and around it moves; it never touches the real point.

Tzu Kung grew weary of study.

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