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Chapter 9: The Fallacy of Knowledge

First of all, you speak of a negative preparation, the philosophy of knowledge and the distance you should have from it, turning toward your true seeker - the true as opposed to the false one; you point out the true seeker.
So when you’re talking about the philosophy of knowledge which indirectly is linked with the death of knowledge, what I think is the main problem for most of us is that we already know the words, we know the verses, we are aware of the danger of knowledge intellectually. Intellectually we might be aware of the danger of knowledge but it is still on an intellectual level.
How to transform the “right” knowledge? You are saying, and I can agree with you, that knowledge is dangerous, but how can you transform a conviction?
I might see somewhere that you are right, but how to transform my conviction to the kind of intuitive knowledge or “void,” as you use the word? How to transform these convictions to the intuitive grasping of the truth? How to relate to the void?

If you are convinced then there is no need of any transformation. But we are not convinced and we cannot be. We cannot be - how can one be convinced?

One can know and be convinced, but not through somebody else, not through me. How can you be convinced? And if you are convinced, this conviction’s existence is bound to be intellectual. But an intellectual conviction is no conviction at all!

I am not trying to convince you. I am just conveying to you, I am just conveying to you a fact. I am not trying to convince you.

What is the link between conviction and experience? Because I agree with you that you are not convinced if you are not already talking of something you have experienced. How to transform this to the kind of truth so I can say, “This is true”?

I understand. There is no “how,” because “how” means some method. There is an awakening; there is no “how.” If you are listening to me and something is felt by you, that “this might be true”. If this happens to you, “This feeling, this means this might be true”. Why does this happen to you? Because, there are two things: either you are convinced by my argument, or you see it as a fact in yourself. These are two things.

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