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Chapter 11: God: The Phantom Fuehrer

“But,” the nurse said, “he was the most troublesome. The whole day he was doing this and doing that. I somehow kept hold of the others, but this one was too big in the first place. But then I thought that if he won’t understand any other language.so I started slapping him. I threw him forcibly onto the bed, but he would sit back up again and try to escape.”

Man is restless.

And in the mother’s womb, very early on the mother can feel whether it is a boy or a girl. She feels so contented in giving birth to a child, in helping the child to grow; and that’s why she does not need any other kind of creativity. Her creative urge is fulfilled.

But man is in trouble: he cannot give birth to a child, he cannot have the child in his womb. He has to find a substitute, otherwise he will always feel inferior to the woman. And deep down he does feel that he is inferior.

Because of that feeling of inferiority man tries to create paintings, statues, dramas, he writes poetry, novels, explores the whole scientific world of creativity.

This is all nothing but an effort of man to say to woman, “I am a creator. You are just an instrument in the hands of biology - the child is not your creation. Any woman can do that, but any man cannot become Picasso, or Nijinsky, or Nietzsche, or Dostoevsky. This is creativity.”

This is how man compensates and covers up his inferiority. And this is the way he has followed for thousands of years; and by and by has convinced himself, and the woman too, that he is superior to her. And he has not allowed the woman the same freedom to create these things because he knows perfectly well that woman can be as creative as him.

A woman can create like Picasso and Dostoevsky and Bernard Shaw and Russell; there is no problem in it. All that she will have to do is drop the idea of being a mother, because it is difficult to be a mother and to be a Bertrand Russell. There is a conflict of interest. It is difficult to be a woman, a mother, and at the same time be a Picasso, because Picasso’s paintings demand - just like a woman - his whole being. His paintings monopolize him. Now, the woman cannot allow that monopoly.

In fact when the first child is born, a rift starts happening between the husband and wife for the simple reason that the woman is now monopolized by the child; the father is secondary. From now onwards he cannot be primary, he cannot have priority. Obviously nature is in support of the child because he has a future, and the father is going to die sooner rather than later.

Nature is always with the new, with the growing.

Nature is always with the sunrise, never with the sunset. And this is perfectly logical. What is the point of being with the sunset?

Why does God have to create? Either God is not he but she.. Then God is a woman, and this whole universe is her womb. But then you are bringing God down to the same level of biology as man, as animals, as anybody else..

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