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Chapter 6: No-Mind Innocence

He goes on starving himself in the name of fasting. As if starving your body is in any way going to help you to come closer to god: as if God is a sadist and he wants you to be tortured. Do you think god is an Adolf Hitler, a Mussolini, a Genghis Khan, a Tamerlane or a Nadir Shah? What do you think about God? No father would like his children be starved! But all religions, the so-called religions - Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism, Mohammedanism - all preach fasting, because fasting gives you great ego.

These two are basic instincts: food and sex. Food is needed for your survival, and sex is needed for the survival of the race. Both are basically needed for survival. If everybody fasts, and everybody becomes a celibate, there is no need for atom bombs! There will be no third world war. People will die on their own accord. Sex and food are deeply joined: food keeps the individual alive, and sex keeps the race alive. That is their similarity: sex is food for the race, and food is sex for the individual.

Hence, one more point is to be remembered: if you repress sex you will start eating more food, because you will have to compensate. If you stop eating enough food that is necessary for the body you will become more and more sexual. You will have to compensate. And your saints are against both.

Your saints are suicidal. Of course, their suicide is a very very slow suicide. They are not even courageous enough to commit it in a single blow. They go on cutting themselves limb by limb, they go on destroying themselves slowly. They enjoy the whole process, they are masochists. They torture themselves and they feel that by torturing themselves they are purifying themselves and they are becoming holier.

They are simply becoming pious egoists! And the pious egoist is far more dangerous than the ordinary egoist, because the ordinary egoist has a very gross ego. He knows he has it, everybody else knows he has it.

The politician lives with the gross ego, and the saint, the mahatma, lives with a very subtle ego: and with such a facade of holiness that others will not be able to see it. He is so humble, he is so surrendered to God.. And he lives such a simple life - little food, clothes are.. There are saints who don’t use clothes at all.

Jaina saints live naked. Their requirements are almost none. Living a naked life in a cave, in a primitive way, they seem to be very nonpossessive. But that is only appearance. Deep down they are hankering for heaven, deep down they are greedy. Deep down they are thinking nobody is more humble, more pious than they are. Deep down they think about you as sinners, and themselves as saints.

This is a very complex situation. This is a fight with themselves. They have divided themselves into two: the higher and the lower. Even in the body they have a division: the higher part and the lower part. Above the sexual organs the body is higher, below the sexual organs it is lower: as if the body is divided anywhere.

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