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Chapter 18: Neither This, Nor That

So he reduces it. By and by, daily, the food is reduced, the ration is reduced. Finally, the ration is just nothing - just nothing! Then the donkey falls down and dies. So Mulla says, “Pity! If I had had a little time more, if this donkey had not died so early, I would have accustomed him to no diet at all. The experiment was just about to be completed, and it is a pity the donkey has died.”

Man goes on rationalizing. Rationalizations will not help. Don’t try to choose; rather, allow. Feel your nature, your tao, your swabhav; feel your intrinsic possibilities. Be sensitive, meditate, and don’t try to choose. By and by, you will begin to move in a particular direction. That movement will come to you; it will not be a chosen effort. It will happen to you, it will grow in you, and you will begin to move.

And one day you will know whether bhakti is for you or yoga is for you. The direction that happens to you naturally is for you. The direction that is to be chosen and forced is not for you. A chosen direction will be arduous, difficult, and ultimately futile. A nonchosen direction, a direction which has happened to you, will be easy, natural, sahaj.