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Chapter 6: Real Freedom

So three palaces were built for him, one for each season. In his gardens not even a dry leaf was allowed. In the night everything dying would be thrown away. He never saw a flower dying. He would see only flowers that were young and fresh. No old man was allowed to move wherever Buddha was, Gautama was. No old man was allowed to move there, only young, beautiful, healthy men and women.

All the beautiful girls of the capital were brought for his service; they would serve him. And there was music and song, and his whole life was just a singsong, just a dreamy life. Absolute planning was possible because he was a king’s son. When he became young he had not seen any old man, any ill man, any dead man. He didn’t know that death existed. Of course, when there is no death, no old age, no suffering, where is the question of becoming a renunciate? Why renounce the world? The world is as beautiful as you can wish.

He lived in this dreamland.and then suddenly everything shattered. You cannot go on like this. It is such a false thing, you cannot continue in it. One day or another, something will enter in and will shatter the whole thing. And it happened that because of this planning, I say because of this planning, when he came to know the facts of life, it was a great shock. It is not such a great shock to us; we are accustomed. He was not accustomed at all, so when for the first time he saw an old man, he asked, “What has happened to this man?” When he saw for the first time a dead body, the whole dreamworld disappeared.

We see these things every day. We become insensitive, accustomed. But he was not accustomed, so he asked, “What has happened to this man?”

He had to be answered, and death was such a shock, great shock. There was such a big gap between his life and the fact of death, that he is reported to have said, “If this man is dead, then the whole life is meaningless. Then I am also going to be dead? Then everything is useless. If death is the end, then life is meaningless. So I must go and find that which is deathless, if there is such a thing. And if there is not such a thing, then we are living only in dreams, wasting time, wasting energy, wasting ourselves.”

The father had had a plan in his mind. He had been trying to cause, he was trying to force, a particular alternative. But the result was quite the contrary, because when you force a particular thing, the inner freedom begins to rebel. Buddha’s life was a manufactured life, artificial, false, unreal. And because everything was forced upon him, the inner freedom must have revolted. Because of that inner freedom he moved into quite the opposite polarity. Buddha’s father was just unable to understand what had happened. He had done everything in his power, and then the whole plan failed.

You cannot cause man to be something. And if you can cause man to be something, then there is no humanity. Man is the uncaused factor in the world. So I cannot say why, because if I can say, “Because of this, man is not spiritual, so provide the factor and man will be spiritual,” then spirituality becomes just part of a great economics. Supply this and the demand will be fulfilled. I create a demand and the supply will be there.

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