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Chapter 28: Living without any Tomorrow

Tracy Berry

KEZI TV, Eugene, Oregon, United States

Glad to meet you

Good evening.
I wanted to start out with a series of questions about these interview sessions. Journalists, I’m sure, have gotten to learn a lot about you, and I’m wondering what you’ve learned about some of the journalists?


This is probably the highest degree of visibility that you’ve had in this country since you came here several years ago. Where do you go from here? You’ve called yourself the world’s greatest showman. Are you planning to take your show on the road?

No, the roads will come to Rome! All roads will be coming to Rajneeshpuram. I’m not going on any road.

Do you plan to continue speaking?


There’ve been rumors you might go back into a silent period.

I create rumors also.

Does this herald an expansion phase for Rajneeshees - your going so public? Is it possible in the next few years we might see communes going to Portland, or Rajneeshees recruiting a new membership, led with you in this more vocal phase?

They are increasing, and they are expanding all over the world.

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