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Chapter 15: This Is Not a Place of Entertainment

Strange, I have not found a single book - and this country has immense literature, perhaps more than any other country - in which somebody has questioned about the husband when the wife dies; because no husband has ever jumped into the funeral pyre and committed suicide with her. In fact, when the wife’s dead body is burning in the fire, the husband is planning for a new marriage - just on the funeral ground, people start talking about where to find a wife for him. The old wife is still not burned completely; she is burning, and the husband is planning for a new marriage.

There is another standard for the woman, totally different from the man. He is the master, he has not to prove anything. The woman has to prove her loyalty, her faithfulness; the man is not asked to prove anything.

So your husband is bound to be annoyed with you because you have proved more intelligent, more alert, more of a rebel. He has not the guts, and you have guts; this must be hurting him immensely.

But it is now your task to challenge him. If he is annoyed with me, ask him, “What are the reasons?” And tell him, “If you have any courage as a man, then come to this temple, ask your questions. Unless you prove that your thinking is right, you have no authority to be annoyed - you need to apologize.”

But he must be a superstitious man. “He comes to the ashram with me,” you say, “but he does not like the idea of listening to you. He comes to the gates of the temple, but he never wants to look upon the living idol. Master, what prevents him?” - his Indian heritage, his dead past, all his dead ancestors, his forefathers. He is carrying a great, mountainous burden on his shoulders.

This is not a place of entertainment; once he gets in here, he is going for surgery without knowing it. My whole effort is to cut people from the past, the dead, the shadows of the dead, and to open them up for the future - to create rebels.

I don’t give any belief, I give you only a deep longing and thirst for truth so that you can seek and find it on your own. Unless you find the truth by your own self, all your knowledge is simply a burden, a poison, a force destructive of your intelligence and your very soul.

But the whole country lives with the idea that they are the only people in the world who are spiritual and the rest of the world is materialist; and I have never seen anybody more materialistic than the Indians. They cling to money as their very soul. They cling to everything worldly, which their saints go on condemning. They worship the saints, and they hope that in some future life they will also renounce the world. But right now, they are as possessive of things, of properties, of power, as I have not seen around the world in any other people. And they live with this egoistic idea that this is the only land that is spiritual - just because they have produced a few mystics.

Just because a land produces a few scientists does not mean that the whole land has become scientists. Just because a country produces a few great poets does not mean that the whole country has become poetic. The same is true about the mystics: just because a few flowers have blossomed down the centuries, it does not mean that you are a garden.

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