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Chapter 12: Love, Life, Laughter

They used to offer me hundreds of books, but I don’t read any more.

So it is simple, that love always wants to give. Whatever I can give to them, I give. Whatever they feel like giving, they give. Why it should be a problem to anybody else?

And in fact all my gifts are bound to be property, assets, to the commune.

Sheela mentioned that you want to be the man in the world with the most Rolls Royces.

I am already, so what is the point?

If that’s true, what is the point to buy the new one for five hundred thousand dollars that she told us about yesterday?

There is no point because the man is so far behind me that in many lives he will not reach ninety Rolls Royces. The second man has only thirty-three Rolls Royces. I have already ninety. Now what is the point? Whether I have ninety or ninety-one makes no difference. She is being simply silly.

And she says in her interview that if they don’t buy a Rolls Royce for me I am going to commit suicide - a man who has ninety Rolls Royces. For one Rolls Royce he is going to commit suicide!

And I am already having three times more than the second man in the world, so what is the point? Let him come up to ninety, then we will see.

Sheela admits that she built or had built this hiding place, this tunnel, this way to escape. But she claims that it was your idea and it was for you.

That’s absolutely wrong. I never knew about it. I was never told about it. It was only discovered when she left from here.

She can also say that it was my idea to have all kinds of literature on poison, on murder, on arson. It was my idea to burn the planning office in Wasco County. It was my idea to kill my own physician, my own caretaker, my own dentist. It was my idea to poison my own milk!

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