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Chapter 8: Tomorrow Never Comes

So don’t make excuses. They may look valid - they are dangerous. And meditation is not in conflict with anything. You are going to your office, go meditatively. You are doing work in your office, do it meditatively, do it relaxedly. You will not be exhausted. Take everything as a play and you will not be exhausted. Rather, the work will become a pleasure.

Meditation gives you a new quality of mind. So it is not a question of whether you have time or not. I am not saying that you have to meditate for three hours daily, so take three hours out of your life, out of your worklife - no. If you can take, it is good. If you cannot take, don’t make it an excuse. Then try to turn and change and transform your work into a meditative act.

You are writing something, write with full awareness. You are digging a hole in the earth, dig it with full awareness. Whether you are working on the street or in the office or in the market, do it with full awareness. Remain in the present and then see: you will not be exhausted. You will have more time, more energy, less dissipation; and ultimately it will become possible that your whole life becomes just a play.