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Chapter 7: Turning the Key

It is only in this age that the believers are finding a little difficulty - and this is a great blessing - because they have become aware of other believers too. Now the Hindu is not so complacent, he cannot be; he knows that there are Christians. And the Christian cannot go on believing that he has the sole copyright for truth, because he knows that there is the Mohammedan and there is the Taoist and there is the Buddhist, and who knows?

This age is very confused - it has never been so before. But remember, this confusion is a great blessing; something is on the way, something tremendously important is going to happen. This chaos in the mind is the beginning of a new dawn. In the future people will not be Mohammedans and Hindus and Buddhists. People will be inquirers. Belief is disappearing and the darkness of belief is disappearing. Nobody in the future is going to believe. People will inquire, and when they find, they will trust. Belief is borrowed, trust is one’s own experience.

What I am teaching you here is that kind of religion which is going to happen more and more in the future. I am bringing the future to you in the present: I am making you pure inquirers with no belief system, ready to go into experimentation but with no conclusion, open to whatsoever the truth may be, ready to accept it - but only ready to accept the truth.

The man who believes is a closed man: his windows and doors are closed, he lives in a kind of prison. He has to live in a kind of prison; if he opens the windows and doors and the sun comes in and the wind comes in and the rain comes in, it is possible that his belief systems may be disturbed. If the truth enters from every side, it will be impossible for him to protect his belief. He has to hide from truth, he has to live in an enclosed world, windowless, so nothing can disturb him, so he can go on believing, undisturbed. This is good for the society, but very hazardous for the health of the individual.

Society has been giving you toys to play with - just as you give toys to the children so that when they become involved in playing they don’t disturb you. The parents are at ease, the father can read his newspaper, the mother can work in the kitchen - the child is involved in the toys.

In India, in the villages, this has been the usual practice: poor women who have to go to work in the fields have to take their small children with them. If the children are big enough they can play on their own, but if they are very small and they cannot play on their own, they are a constant distraction for the mother. They will cry, they are hungry or they have wet the place or they are cold, and the mother has to come and care for them continuously, and this is distracting to the work and the boss won’t allow it. So it has been the usual practice to give a little opium to the child. Then the child is fast asleep in the blissful slumber that the opium has given to him, dreaming beautiful dreams, and the mother can remain undistracted in her work. This is good for the work, this is good for the mother, this is good for the landlord, but this is very hazardous and dangerous for the health of the child - for his future also this is poisonous. But this is what has been happening.

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