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Chapter 9: Save the Cat

Whenever you say no you feel the ego; whenever you say yes you don’t feel the ego. That’s why people go on saying no more than yes. They say yes only when it becomes absolutely necessary; otherwise they say no. Whenever something is asked, the first thing that arises in your mind is no - because when you reject, you are, and when you accept, you are not there. Yes-saying will create a no-mind. So a theist is a yes-sayer, and an atheist is a no-sayer - he says no. And when you say there is no God, then you feel a tremendous energy in the ego; then you are.

Nietzsche has said, “If God is then I won’t want to be, and if I am then I won’t allow God to be, because both cannot exist.” And he is right. How can both exist, you and God together? If you are there then you are the God; God cannot exist. If he exists then how can you exist? The ultimate no comes to the mind - no God. Mind rejects, cannot accept.

So you can change, you can think about it, you can change the old ten commandments and create a new ten, but if they come out of the mind they are useless. And if they do not come out of the mind, what is the need? If the no-mind has happened and you feel it, what is the need of commandments? Commandments are for the mind. They are from the mind and for the mind. Rules exist for the mind, because the mind cannot exist without rules. This is one of the most basic things. Rules exist for the false, not for the real. The real can exist without rules, but the false cannot exist; it has to be propped, helped, supported by the rules. You play a game, you play cards - can you play cards without rules? There can be no possibility. If you say, “I will follow my rules and you follow your rules and we play the game,” there will be no game. We have to follow the rules - and we both know that rules are just rules, nothing real in them. We have agreed on the rules, that’s why they exist.

A game cannot continue if rules are not followed, but life will continue without rules. What rules are these trees following? What rules does the sun follow? What rules does the sky follow? Human mind is such that it thinks they are also following rules, moving according to rules. The sun moves, it follows a rule, so there is a ruler - the God who controls everything. He is like a great super-manager: he goes on spying on everybody - who is following, who is not following. This is a mind creation. Life exists without rules; games cannot exist without rules. So real religion is always without rules; only false religion has rules, because false religion is a game.

I have heard that one young woman came to a barber’s shop with her young boy. The boy was dressed like a soldier, looked very dangerous, and he had a toy six-shooter. Immediately he jumped on the chair and said, “Bang! Bang!” He just made noise.

And the lady said to the barber, “I am going to leave my son here for half an hour. I have some shopping to do.”

The barber became uneasy and he said, “If this young man becomes too restless, what am I supposed to do?” - and that young boy was standing with his six-shooter on the chair looking very dangerous, soldier-like.