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Chapter 11: Something Greater Is Possible

I brought some people I work with, some crew members from the airline, to the morning discourse - and they left. I work with these people very closely and I just can’t share anything with them. I feel okay when I’m alone, but when I’m with people I want to share, to communicate. It’s impossible. This time I tried. I even stopped meditating, because it’s even more impossible if I meditate. And I’ve tried to talk(it doesn’t help.

In fact, you have to understand that when you start growing there will come a distance between you and the people you have been working with. And the distance will create many problems, because they are in the majority, and they will think you are going a little crazy or eccentric or something. And whatsoever they think has a certain weight because they are in the majority. They will all think the same - and you become alone.

If you try to convince them, talk to them, argue with them, that is not going to help much, because whatsoever I am saying and doing has nothing to do with arguments. If one can feel, one can feel; you cannot convince anybody about it. It is not a philosophy. It is a totally new way of being and living.

So unless they are ready to change they will not be able to understand. So don’t try the impossible. You are trying to change them, to change their minds so that they can live like you. But if they live like you, only then their minds can change. There is no other way.

So the only sensible thing to do is not to be worried about them. And while you are with them, act - just play a role. There is no need to be true, because if you are true, then the distance will be very very big between you and them. Just go on acting as you used to do, so there is not much of a problem.

And don’t be bothered about what they say, because now you know that something greater is possible. But it is beyond their comprehension. So feel compassion for them, and don’t be worried about it.

In Sufism, they say to pray and meditate when nobody watches you, not even your wife or your husband. In the night, midnight, when everybody has gone to sleep, sit silently on your bed and meditate - so that nobody becomes aware of your inner life. Once they become aware, first they will condemn. That is natural, because anything that is not of the common masses is suspected.

So don’t be worried, and don’t bring them here because that will create trouble. Nobody can be brought to me. People can come, but nobody can be brought. And never do that, because if you do they will be more resistant. In fact, they will be almost deaf to me, to what I am saying, and they will go convinced that you are mad. That will be the only conviction they get.

And while you are working play a role. That too is good. The capacity to play a role is good. Just remain a witness and go on doing things. And soon I will tell you(when I feel the time is right, I will tell you to leave everything. But just wait.

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