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Chapter 4: Just Joking Around

And joking with one person has created monotony - people call it “monogamy”. And then slowly slowly they stop joking because what is the point? - the same jokes again and again.And the women are very sensitive; the moment you want to joke with them they say they have a headache, or the child is growing teeth and the whole day they have been tired, or the cook has left, or the servant has not turned up, or there has been no electricity in the house the whole day. There are thousand-and-one problems. Simply the woman is saying, “Please, no more these jokes. Enough is enough!” She knows you, that you will again joke the same old joke.

A stranger walks into the local pub. The bartender welcomes him and says, “Well, sir, a pint of beer? Or do you prefer a whisky? You are my guest - it is on the house.”

“No, thank you,” replies the stranger. “I don’t drink alcohol. I tried it once and it makes me feel dizzy.”

“Well then, I am sure you will enjoy one of my best cigars,” the cheerful bartender says, offering him the cigar.

“No, thank you. I don’t smoke. I tried it once and it makes me feel sick.”

The bartender, still smiling, continues, “Well, come on then, let us play some poker!”

“No, thank you. I don’t play poker. I tried it once and lost my money,” is the stranger’s dry reply.

At this moment a young man walks into the bar and sits next to the stranger. The stranger turns to the bartender and says, “May I introduce you to my son?”

“Hello,” says the bartender, “I presume you are his only child are not you?”

Become a little more contemporary. You are living at least two thousand years back. And don’t think this is the way you will ever get into paradise - the paradise has completely changed meanwhile; it is utterly modern. You will look like a fool there, you will look so out-of-date. You will not fit. If you cannot fit here with my commune, which is simply representative of paradise on the earth.We are just trying to rehearsal for paradise!

Four women arrive in paradise; three of them are English and one is Italian. Saint Peter asks the first one, “Have you been an honest woman?”

“Oh yes, sir,” she replies. “I have been honest all my life.”

So Saint Peter tells an angel, “Take this woman into the pink room!”

The same thing happens to the other two women: they are both sent to the pink room.

Then Saint Peter asks the Italian one, “And you, have you been honest?”

“I never did-a any harm-a to anyone, Peter!” she replies. “I could-a say I was-a honest. I loved love, I loved love more than anything-a else!”

Says Saint Peter to the angel, “Take this one to my room!”

Enough for today.