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Chapter 52: Entering This Moment

Then there will be no impatience. Then meditation is not be practiced really; it will start happening to you, because a non-desiring mind is in meditation. Then you can play with these techniques. And I say play. Then you can play with these techniques; there is no practice. Practice is not a good word the very word is wrong. Then you can play with these techniques, and you can enjoy playing, because there is no desire to achieve something and there is no impatience to reach somewhere.

You can play, and through play, when meditation is a play, everything is possible. And everything is possible immediately, because you are not disturbed, you are not impatient, you are not in any hurry, you are not going somewhere, not reaching somewhere. You are here and now. If meditation happens, okay. If it doesn’t happen, it is still okay. Nothing is wrong with you because there is no desire, no expectation, no future.

And remember, when meditation or no-meditation are similar to you, meditation has happened to you. You have reached. Now the goal has come, the ultimate has descended in you. This will look strange - that I say don’t make meditation a practice, rather make it a play, a fun. Enjoy it while doing it, not for any result.

But our minds are very serious, deadly serious. Even if we play, we make it a serious thing. We make it a work, a duty. Play just like small children. Play with meditation techniques, and then much more is possible through them. Don’t be serious about them; take them as fun. But we make everything serious. Even if we are playing, we make it serious. And with religion we have always been very serious. Religion has never been fun, that’s why the earth has remained irreligious. Religion must become a fun and a festivity,, a celebration - a celebration of the moment, enjoying whatsoever you are doing; enjoying so much and so deeply that mind ceases.

If you really understand me, these 112 techniques will show you that everything can become a technique - if you really understand. That’s why there are 112. Everything can become a technique if you understand the quality of the mind which brings meditation. Then whatsoever you do can become a technique. Be playful, celebrate it, enjoy it. Move so deeply in it that time ceases.

But time cannot cease if desire is there. Really, desire is time. When you desire, future is needed, because desire cannot be fulfilled here and now. Desire can be fulfilled only in the future somewhere, so you will need future to move. And then time destroys you. You miss eternity. Eternity is here.

So take meditation as a fun, a festivity, a celebration of anything. You are just digging outside in the garden - it can become a technique. Simply dig and enjoy and celebrate the very act. Become the act and forget the actor. The “I” is not there, only the action remains, and you are present to the action, blissfully present. Then ecstasy is there - no impatience, no desire, and no motivation.

If you bring motivation, desire and impatience to meditation, you will destroy the whole thing. And then the more you do, the more frustrated you will feel. You will say, “I am doing so much and nothing is happening.” People come to me. They say, “I am doing this and I am doing that, and for so many months and for so many years, and nothing has happened.”