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Chapter 24: A Great Waiting.a Great Longing for the Unknown

Here, to renounce your woman is a great religious and virtuous deed. There thousands of naked film actresses are waiting for you. You are just going to be in difficulty whom to choose - Sophia Loren? But there are so many Sophia Lorens.No hunger, no thirst and everybody always remains young. What more can you expect? Saints do only one thing: sitting on white clouds they play on their harps, “Hallelujah!”

I have heard.

By mistake a poor porter from Munich was taken away by Death. He resisted hard. He said, “I am going to the pub; this is not the time to die. After the pub you can take me.”

But Death never listens to anybody. It dragged him. The whole way he was angry and said, “This is absolutely unmannerly. I am a poor porter.what is the need? What does God want of me? I am living a silent life. Every evening I go to my pub and every morning somehow I get back to the station. I am not a criminal, I don’t do any harm.”

But Death said, “What can I do? Your number has come.”

He said, “Strange, I have been purchasing the ticket for the lottery every month and the number never came. And now the number has come; this is the number.”

Death thought that this man was absolutely stupid and useless to talk to. He said, “You just wait and you will not be miserable once you enter into paradise.”

The porter said, “At least I must know what I am supposed to do there.is there any pub?”

Death said, “You don’t understand. There are rivers of wine.what about a pub! And you will be given a harp and a white cloud. Sit on the white cloud, sing the song ‘Hallelujah’ in praise of God and drink as much wine as you want. There is no other work except playing on the harp.”

He said, “This is a strange kind of world. I am a porter, I don’t know how to play the harp.”

Death said, “You learn, because on every cloud you will find saints doing the same thing. You will learn. In the beginning everybody feels a little hesitant.”

He was given a harp. He looked at himself and the harp and he said, “It is so stupid. This is the time my pub will be closing and where are those rivers?”

Some kindly saint said, “There are no rivers; that is just a fiction. All that you have to do is sing the song of God, ‘Hallelujah,’ and play on the harp. No work because there is no need, no food.”

He said, “This is very strange - and I don’t see any women here. I have been told that there are young girls available.” The young saint said, “That was all propaganda. Just sit on this cloud and learn to play the harp.”

He said, “If this is all, how long am I going to sit on this cloud? When will I go to my station?”

The saint said, “It is very far away; you cannot go.”

Seeing that there was no possibility and every saint was singing “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” he started singing “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” with very great anger, asking, “Where is God?”

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