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Chapter 6: The Highest Phenomenon on the Earth

[Excerpts from the words of Osho during his deposition with Mr. McMurray.]

Your Honor, before I take the oath, I have to say few things, otherwise the oath will be a fraud. The first thing - I have always been against the ritual of oath-taking for the simple reason that if a man is capable of lying he can lie even while he is taking the oath. His oath can be a lie, and if a man is a man of truth, the oath creates a dilemma for that man. For the man of truth to take the oath means that he is capable of lying. Without the oath he will lie and with the oath he will say the truth. You are putting me into a dilemma, but I am not a serious man. In life I never take anything seriously, except the jokes. I will take this oath just to play the game of this deposition. I will follow the rule, but I would like you to remember that by taking the oath I am lying in the first place. It is against my philosophy of life and you are forcing me to take the oath, that means you are freeing me, giving me the freedom to lie later on although I am not going to lie. The oath allows me to lie, but in spite of that freedom I will only say the truth, because I am incapable of lying. That is impossible, that is against my being and my existence. Now, just to play the game, I will take the oath. You can repeat what you want.

I take the oath on the book of Rajneeshism that I will speak only the truth. It is good that you have allowed me to take the oath on the book of Rajneeshism because these are my own words, but this is such ridiculousness that I am taking oath on my own words. These dead words on the paper mean more to you than my living words. But if it was a Bible, I would have refused immediately, or Gita, or any so-called holy book, because they are full of lies, out of date, unscientific, sub-status.

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