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Chapter 26: A Totally New Kind of Man

That’s the beauty of being playful and yet not becoming accidental; being nonserious, laughing, enjoying, dancing, and yet doing everything that is needed. There is no contradiction. That’s why I say we are creating a new man in which this contradiction melts, becomes complementary.

We are certain that those idiots are not going to hear. Still we will make our best effort, playfully, knowing that it is a hopeless task. We will enjoy the challenge. There is no contradiction in it.

Much that I observe, that I imagine you consider playful, is received otherwise. And the conflict with many around you - which I suspect you relish - is received otherwise. Where is the message in there for the outside world?

No message for anybody.

Well, if it’s a playful attempt, I mean..

Not even an attempt. That’s what I am saying; our language is different, our way is different. We are not making any attempt, any effort; we are simply enjoying the game.

The world is on the brink of death. We are celebrating our life. If we can make those people also understand, along the way, that there is an answer, and life can be saved on the planet, good. If they don’t hear, if they are hostile, that is their problem. We are not concerned, we are living already and we don’t bother about the future.

Our whole concern is the present - herenow.

This present you enjoy in this place came through planning for the future, through which you arrived at this day, did it not? That’s what I mean by everywhere I see planning, intention, concern with creating what it is that you see to create.

That is your way of seeing. For example, I am here. Answering you, do you think I am serious?

No, I doubt it.

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