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Chapter 11: Go Dancing In

It is exactly what you are saying. It is a non-existential nothingness, without anything, within or without. I am a dream, you are a dream; don’t take it too seriously. Out of nothing, just like soap bubbles, we arise, and out of nothing we disappear. And you cannot ask the question to me because I have nothing to do with this business.

I am in the same boat as you are. You ask me why you are here, and I want to know why I am here!

And you call it an intelligent question.

Jesus and Saint Peter come down to earth to see how things are going. After traveling all day through the universe they arrive after dark near an old farmhouse. Not wanting to freak out the farmer, they decide to sleep in the barn.

Jesus says to Peter, “I am going to sleep upstairs in the hayloft and you stay down here. And when you are comfortable, sing me a lullaby to help me go to sleep.” Peter agrees and starts singing softly.

“Sing louder!” calls out Jesus.

“But my Lord,” says Peter, “the farmer may wake up.”

“Peter!” says Jesus, “do you trust me?”

So Peter sings louder until the farmer wakes up, comes running into the barn and gives Peter a good beating.

“Peter,” says Jesus, “do you still trust me?”

“Of course,” says Peter. “A little beating can’t shake me.” So Jesus tells him to continue singing. After a few minutes the farmer runs out again, really furious, picks up a stick and beats Peter with it.

When he has gone Jesus says, “Peter, do you still trust me?”

“Well,” says Peter, “maybe we could change places for a little while.”

“Okay,” says Jesus, “if you think it will help your trust.”

So they change places and this time Peter sings really loudly, thinking to himself, “This will show him!”

Sure enough, a minute later the farmer, purple with rage, comes into the barn and grabs Jesus. Then he stops and says, “No, you have had enough. Now I will give it to the idiot upstairs.”

It is a very playful existence, very dramatic. It is not for questioning, it is for living intensely, joyfully, without bothering at all about what the meaning is or why we are here. All these questions appear to be significant but are really stupid.

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