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Chapter 37: The Eternal Light at Your Center

They said, “We don’t think that he will be able to supply what we need, but there is no harm, let’s take a chance.” They went in - and the man had a plastic lady. They rejoiced! It was so beautiful, so velvety; the very touch was so silky. The only thing was to fill it with air, and the lady was ready.

And it never said, “Tonight I have a headache.” No quarrel, no nagging.. What more can you expect of a woman? She was the perfect woman.

They purchased it; but only one man had the money, so he paid. On the way he told the other man, “Remember, I have paid for the lady, so don’t fool around. I never like anybody playing around, fooling with my ladies!”

The man said, “You are mad! That is a plastic lady.”

He said, “It doesn’t matter, it is my lady!”

After two years it was time for them to come back, but the shopkeeper was very much surprised: only one man was coming back. He asked, “What happened to the other man?”

He said, “I had to shoot him.”

“Why did you have to shoot him?”

He said, “Whenever I used to go out, he was flirting with my lady. And there is a limit to everything! I was out, and he was playing with my lady. Slowly, slowly I tolerated it, thinking that that poor man also has needs. But that day it was too much. He chewed the lady’s nipple the air escaped and the lady flew out of the window! That was too much - I had to shoot that man!”

Things like this may happen once in a while, but you need not be worried.

AIDS spreading is bound to make immense changes in sexual relationships. So you go on creating artificial organs, and start planning for artificial ladies.

For the women who can see the silliness of lesbianism and have no interest in it, they have already in the market - absolutely hygienic, with no fear of any disease - electric vibrators. They do a better job than any man can do - and whenever you want, and for however long you want.

My feeling is that if every woman is supplied with a electric vibrator, there is not going to be any bitchiness around. They will be so satisfied, calm and quiet.. I am not joking! I am rarely serious, but this time I am.

Those calm and quiet ladies may become meditators. I never forget my profession!

When you looked at me I felt afraid and empty. I am confused. Please comment.

Confusion is almost the natural state of humanity. Everybody is confused.

When I looked into your eyes, you became aware suddenly of the confusion because there was a comparison. When I look into your eyes you can see a clarity, a cloudless sky. That gives you a comparison, that your eyes are full of dark clouds, hence the confusion.

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