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Chapter 10: Maya: The Hypnosis of the World

This sutra says:

In the trance of maya, the illusory, man thinks his body to be all.

To think that the body is all, is only your hypnosis. This is just your idea, and you can attach this idea to anything. There is a woman, and if she dies today it may not affect you, but if tomorrow you get married to her.. And what are you actually doing in your marriage ceremony, in your seven circumambulations? It is just a hypnotic trance: by making seven circumambulations around the holy fire, by arranging a big pomp and show, a big band playing, priests attending, a big crowd of people watching it all, you are hypnotizing yourself into believing that from now on she is your wife - and it is the same woman. If she had died yesterday you would not have been bothered, but if she dies today or anytime after you have married her, you will be weeping and crying. It is very strange! These seven circumambulations, all this chanting of mantras and hymns, all this throng of people and big bands playing have managed a miracle: now you will be crying. No, it is a simple hypnosis.

So those who think that there is no need for so many rituals around a marriage have no idea: if these rituals were not there, the phenomenon of “the wife” or “the husband” could not happen. These rituals and dramas are necessary, they are part of the hypnosis. In some countries.. And sometimes intellectuals have very stupid ideas, like, “What is the need for all this? - the circumambulations, the band and the fireworks, the bridegroom riding on a horse all dressed up in special clothes. If you want to marry, just marry! Garland each other, shake hands and the marriage has happened!”

Some countries have dropped all rituals, but remember, the whole ritual was a hypnosis. It is under the influence of that hypnosis that you become a husband and she becomes a wife and there is a relationship between the two of you. You feel her to be your own, she feels you to be her own. Now if you drop all that ritual, she will be just a woman and you will be just a man. Then divorce is inevitable.

The countries that have dropped the ritual of marriage have had to create rituals for divorce. It is inevitable, because you are not aware of the workings of the mind. The mind has its own ways of working and all those ways are a hypnosis. If you pass through a certain process, your mind is hypnotized.

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