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Chapter 3: Returning to the Original Mind

That “just sits” is exactly the meaning of meditation. In Japan they call meditation Zazen. Zazen means: just sitting and doing nothing, just being and doing nothing; in a state of suspended mentation. And clouds open, and you can see the space, the sky. Once you know how to move in that space, it is available always. You can go on working and whenever you want, you can have a dip inside. It becomes so easy, as if you move inside the house and outside the house. Once you know the door, there is no problem in it. You don’t even think about it. When it is feeling too hot, you move inside the house, into the coolness and the shelter. When it is feeling too cold and you are freezing, you move out of the house into the hot sun. You become fluid between the inner and the outer.

The mind is blocking the path to the inner. Whenever you go within yourself, again and again you find some layer of mind: some thought fragment, some desire, some planning, some dream, something of the future or something of the past. And remember, future is nothing but a projection of the past. Future is again asking for the past in a slightly modified way, a little better. In the past you had happinesses and unhappinesses, pleasures and pains, thorns and flowers. Your future is nothing but flowers, thorns deducted, pains dropped - just pleasures and pleasures and pleasures. You go on sorting out your past, and whatsoever you feel was good and beautiful, you project it into the future.

Once you know how to get out of the past, future automatically disappears. There being no past inside, there cannot be any future. Past produces the future. Past is the mother of the future, the womb. When there is no past and no future, then what is, is. Then what is, is! Then suddenly, you are in eternity.

This is what the original mind is: with no flicker of thought, no cloud in sight, no dust around you. Just pure space.

Tatra dhyanajam anasayam.

Only the original mind is free from desires - because the original mind is free from the past, free from experiences. When you are free from experiences, how can you desire? Desire cannot exist without the past. Just think: if you don’t have any past, how can you desire? What will you desire? To desire anything, experience, accumulated experience is needed. If you cannot desire you will be in a vacuum - tremendously beautiful emptiness.

Only the original mind is free from desires, so don’t fight with desires. That fight will not lead you anywhere because to fight with desires you will have to create anti-desires. And they are as much desires as other desires. Don’t fight with desires; see the fact. The original mind cannot be found through fighting with desires. You may find a better mind, but not the original mind. You may have a sinner’s mind, and if you fight with it, you may gain a saint’s mind; but the saint is nothing but sinner upside-down.

Sinners and saints are not separate beings; they are two aspects of the same coin. You can turn the coin this way or that. A sinner can become the saint any moment, and the saint can become the sinner any moment. And the sinner is always dreaming of becoming a saint, and the saint is always afraid of falling back again into the mire of sin. They are not separate; they exist together. In fact, if all sinners disappeared from the world, there will be no possibility for saints. They cannot exist without sinners.

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