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Chapter 7: No More Ready-made Gods

All that is pleasure to man has been condemned. Pain, self-torture, have been supported. Misery and poverty have been raised as spiritual values - “Blessed are the poor, for they shall inherit the kingdom of God.” It is strange that the people who are going to inherit the kingdom of God should be starving and dying in Ethiopia, should be starving in India, and the people who are going to be in hell are enjoying all the pleasures the world can offer. It is a very strange arrangement!

If the world is a school, then the poor should be given all the pleasures so they can get a little bit ready; otherwise even in heaven they will feel too guilty to enjoy anything. They will bring their conditioning with them. But the society was happy that the poor were told that they would inherit the kingdom of God. Then there is no need of any revolution here, there is no need to revolt against the structures which are making them poor.

The old sage was anti-revolutionary. He was for those who were oppressing and sucking the blood of the people. The new rebel will not be an agent of the bloodsuckers, of the parasites. He will not say, “Blessed are the poor.” He will not say, “Suffer your misery patiently, because after death you are going to inherit the kingdom of God.”

There is no kingdom of God - that’s why the rich people have never bothered about it, never even questioned it. They have allowed the priests to tell the poor that they will inherit the kingdom of God. The priests know there is no kingdom of God, that there is no God, and the rich know there is no God, and no kingdom of God. This is a fiction just to keep the poor poor, just to keep the slaves slaves, and avoid revolution of any kind.

A young girl found herself alone at home one night, so she invited her boyfriend over. She took him into the front room, turned on the electric heater, turned out the light, poured him a drink, and sat him on the sofa. He stroked her hair, kissed her neck, then her lips. He crushed her to him, he pressed her back, he laid her down, he lay on top of her. Then he stopped.

“Go on, go on,” she moaned. “Don’t stop now, or I shall die!”

“But dearest, I don’t know what to do next. The movies always fade out at this point.”

One needs some experience. The humble, the meek, the poor, the oppressed, they shall inherit the kingdom of God. But they don’t have any experience of life and its pleasures, its joys, its songs, its dances. They will be simply standing there embarrassed, not knowing what to do.

But no rich man down through history has ever raised the question: “We make all the temples, all the churches; we pay all the priests, millions of them around the world; we publish all the holy books and distribute them free; we donate to all kinds of charitable things - and we shall not inherit the kingdom of God? What nonsense are you talking? You are our servants, we pay you.”

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