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Chapter 9: The Pause between Two Notes

And fourth, be nothing. Nothing is the source of all, nothing is the source of infinity.nothing is God. Nothing means nirvana. Be nothing - and in being nothing, you will have attained to the whole. In being something, you will miss; in being nothing, you will arrive home.

These are the sutras of Kabir. Kabir is one of the greatest mystics of the world. Meditate on Kabir - pay attention to him, to what he says. And he is a very simple man, not learned in any way - all that he says is out of his experience. He is not a scholar, he does not know anything about the Veda and the Koran and the Bible. All that he says is out of his own existential experience. He is not a theoretician or a philosopher; he is a poet. And not only a poet, he is a mystic poet - and the difference is that the poet sometimes has glimpses of God, and then he falls back again - rare moments of flight.

In India we have a saying that if you love the poetry of any poet never go to see the poet, because then you will be disappointed. You will find a very ordinary man - even more ordinary than ordinary people. Or you may find somebody ugly - and he has been talking so beautifully. And you will find somebody vulgar, immoral, obscene - and his poetry was so spiritual. The saying is right: if you love the poetry forget the poet, never go to see the poet. Because the poet only jumps - in rare moments of insight he flies high, he’s turned on, some visions descend in him.then he is closed again, turned off; then he is an ordinary man. Only sometimes, like lightning, poetry comes to him.

That is the difference between a poet and a mystic poet. A mystic poet has arrived. It is not a flight of his imagination, it is not just a vision - now it is his very life. He breathes in God, he lives in God, he lives like God, he IS god. So when he says something, it is not just accidental; when he says something, it is from his very core.

Kabir is a mystic poet. Listen to his melody, sing his song.and if you have understood, then become a little more aware. And don’t look for the forest! There are only trees, there is no forest - forest is just a collective noun, an abstraction. There is no God high in the heaven; there are gods and gods and gods - the tree god, the rock god, the river god, the man god, the woman god - there are gods and gods and gods.but there is no God.

This whole existence is divine. Love the trees if you want to know anything about the forest. Love people if you want to know anything about God. Each particular manifestation can become a window, a door. Don’t be obsessed too much by words - the word God is not God, the word love is not love, and the word fire of course is not fire. Drop words, and move more and more towards the existential.

Feel more, rather than thinking. Through feeling, your prayer will arise.and through feeling, you will be dissolved one day. And when you are dissolved, God is.

Enough for today.