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Chapter 4: Right Now

That’s why when I speak on Jesus, I forget all about Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna. They pale down, they disappear, they fade. Then, out of the whole of history, Jesus arises as the only one - because that is the only way to understand him. You have to be deeply in love.

When I talk about Buddha I forget about Jesus, because even to remember Jesus will be a disturbance. When I talk about Lao Tzu I forget about everybody else. He is enough, more than enough. He himself is such a vast sky that you can go on and on and on, and there is no end to it. They are all vast skies.

But the standpoint of the disciple is the standpoint of a lover. He is making a poetic statement. It is not reality and yet it is reality. It is not reality in the objective sense of the word. It is reality as a subjective feeling.

But I would like you to get out of it. I would like you to attain to a greater love, which is less like an intoxicant and more like awareness.

There are two stages with a master. First is falling in love with him. It is absolutely necessary. Without it you will never be in contact with him. But that is only the beginning. That should not become the end. In that state of ecstasy you will be poetic. Be poetic! Don’t be worried. There is nothing to worry about. Declare your love! Go on the housetops and declare your love, because the more you declare it the more it grows.

But that is just the beginning. That is necessary to come close to the master. But come still closer and there comes a moment when the two flames of the disciple and the master become one. There is a jump, a leap, and the two flames become one. Then you become aware. Then you will laugh at your own statements.

Now you know that enlightened people are not different at all. Only names differ. Buddha is a name, Jesus is a name, Krishna is a name - but the enlightenment that has happened to them is the same. The closer you come to Buddha, the closer you will come to Christ also.

It is as if you are moving from the periphery of a circle towards the center. On the periphery one point is Buddha, another point is Jesus, another point is Ramakrishna. The closer you come to the center, those lines are no longer so separate, so different, so distant. Ramakrishna comes towards Christ, Christ comes towards Buddha, Buddha comes towards Krishna. They are coming closer. Move more and more to the center, and they are meeting and merging into each other. When you reach to the exact center, suddenly they have all disappeared. Only enlightenment is, only light is. All have disappeared. Those were just the personalities.

Whatsoever you see in me is a personality. It is not the quality of the light; it is the mode of the lamp. It is the body of the lamp, not the quality of the light.

The quality of the light is the same. Lamps differ. One lamp may be just an earthen lamp, another may be a golden lamp. The difference is vast, but that difference makes no difference in the quality of light. There is the same light in an earthen lamp or in a golden lamp.

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