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Chapter 14: No Master, No Disciple

You just have to make certain that whatever you are doing is done as a worship, as love, as creativity. Your creativity as woman is far more nourishing than man’s creativity. What does he do? He paints, he makes sculpture, he writes poetry, novels. This is good, but it is only entertainment; it is not life.

Woman has to contribute more to life.

Why not make life more poetic? And just a small touch and life becomes poetic. Why not make life a little more musical? Why not make life more colorful? - which will be the woman’s way of painting. Why not grow beautiful gardens around your house? Why not bring thousands of flowers around your house? A flower is far more valuable than any sculpture. The sculpture is dead; the flower is alive, is full of dance in the wind, in the rain, in the sun.

The woman should not try to imitate man; otherwise she will be only a second-grade man. She will never become equal, she will be only a carbon copy.

Be original. And that’s what I have been trying in my commune: giving women every opportunity to express their potentiality.

Sheela was not really a woman. She had lost her heart long ago, she was crippled. But I had chosen her for the simple reason that she is so full of hate, so hostile that she will be able to fight, and allow you meanwhile to become established.

She did her work. But when you give some work to a sick man or sick woman, you know it is risky. A madman may be useful; but a madman is, after all, a madman. When she got the taste of power, then rather than defending the society, the commune, the people that gathered here, she started becoming a criminal. She wanted to take revenge.

That was the time that I had to stop her. I had to wait for the moment when you were established. To remove her was not a problem. I had not even told her to get lost. I just started speaking, and she understood that now her power was gone. Her power was as my representative. Now, there is no need for any representative - I am speaking myself.

Now I have given you another group. You need now a higher and better group which can create friendship. Even idiots can create enmity; not much intelligence is needed. But to create friendship, to make bridges, intelligence is needed, love is needed, grace is needed.

I have given you the group now. Support the group, help the group, for the simple reason that now we are no longer foreigners.

Right now we are the only people who are bringing in almost thirty thousand people per year, around the year. Nobody can claim that the thirty thousand tourists are coming because of them. Of course, these people spend money - that goes to Oregon. If we are supported, we can bring thousands and thousands of people here. They should simply look at it.

And there are many experiments going on simultaneously..

I am trying to give woman her place.

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