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Chapter 23: What Kind of Vehicle are You Using?

For ten years I have thought that when you said there is no time-space separation between the master and the disciple, and when you said the disciple has to melt into the master so that their hearts beat together, I thought that you were simply being poetic. The other evening when you were talking about this relationship, I suddenly got that you mean what you say so poetically.
I would like to take you home with me in my heart, my beloved master, and I am a slow learner with a frightened heart and only six weeks.
Will you come with me this time?

The first time you were right, when you thought I was simply being poetic. The second time you were wrong, when you started thinking that I mean what I say so poetically - I don’t mean. If I start going into everybody’s hearts it will be impossible to put me together again!

You can love me wherever you are.

You can feel me wherever you are.

But poetry is poetry; don’t make it something pragmatic and practical. When I talk about melting and about merging and about having a heart-to-heart communion, don’t take it that that’s actually what I mean. Those are only indications towards a very subtle phenomenon in which I remain I, you remain you. In fact, you become more yourself than you have ever been before.

If love cannot give you individuality, uniqueness, that love is impotent. The power of love consists of giving you freedom and authentic individuality and being. That’s the way to take me with you.

When you become an individual, peaceful, silent, utterly free from all kinds of bondage, then your freedom, your uniqueness, your love all indicate that you are taking me home.

You should not take me as a person.

You should take me as the values which I am teaching to you. If you take those values with your heart, you are taking me; hence I say again, the first time you were right when you thought I was being poetic. Poetry should never be understood literally; it is symbolic, but it is significant. Just because it is only symbolic does not mean it is insignificant. Its significance certainly does not consist in being factual. It is something much more than fact, it is truth itself.

Ordinarily we don’t make any distinction between fact and truth. Factually you cannot take me in your heart - that is an impossibility. But truthfully, you can take me in your heart. That will mean my fragrance, my joy, my meditativeness, my ecstasy, my presence but not my person.

If you can understand this there is no problem - I can come with you.

Just one thing to be remembered: what kind of vehicle are you using?

A Frenchman, a German and a Russian were boasting about the modes of transportation at their disposal.

“I drive a Renault to work,” said the Frenchman. “On Sundays I drive my Peugeot. And when I go abroad, I drive a Citroen.”

“I drive a Volkswagen to work,” said the German. “On Sundays I drive my BMW, and when I go abroad I drive a Mercedes.”

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