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Chapter 19: Religion Is Rebellion

Remember, I don’t have any talents - because religion is not a talent. Music is, poetry is, painting is.

Religion is not a talent. Religion is simply seeing yourself.

You may be a painter, you may be a poet, you may be a musician, you may not be anybody, but you are! This is not a talent, this is your existence. And to experience it is everybody’s birthright.

You can save this living religion only so long as you go on meditating and you go on creating new flowers, new blossomings - so that you never become a desert; there is always some oasis. Just a single person amongst you is enough to keep the religion alive and prevent anybody from reducing it to a cult.

But please don’t call it my religion.

It has nothing to do with me.

It is simply religion.

You have to understand, as totally as possible, that just a pure religion has more possibility of surviving, because then you don’t put any boundaries on it.

I have not put any boundaries on it. And I don’t want to put any boundaries on you: of discipline, of morality, of virtue.

I have given you freedom, and I have given you individuality, and I have given you just a little taste of something that is always yours.

You just have to claim it.