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Chapter 12: Balancing the Rational and the Irrational

For example, if I become too logical then I become incapable of understanding poetry. Logic becomes a fixation. Then when I read poetry, or listen to poetry, the fixation begins to work. Then the poetry looks absurd, not because it is, but because I have a fixation with logic. And from the viewpoint of logic, poetry is absurd. If I become fixated with poetry then logic becomes just a utilitarian thing, with no depth in it, and I become closed.

And this has been happening all through history - every period, every nation, every part of the world, every culture and society has always chosen a part and emphasized the part, and created a personality around it. The personality has been poor, lacking much. Neither the East has been rich spiritually nor the West. They cannot be. Richness comes through the opposite - an inner dialogue, an inner dialectics. So to me, neither the East is worth choosing nor the West. To me, a different mind, an altogether different quality of mind, has to be chosen - and that quality means one has to be at ease with oneself, without choosing.

For example a tree grows: we can choose; we can cut down all the branches and we can allow the tree to grow in only one direction, one branch growing. It will be a poor tree, very poor and very ugly, and ultimately the tree is bound to be in very deep difficulty because this branch cannot grow. It can grow only in a deep relationship with other branches. It can grow when in a family of branches. And a moment is bound to come when this branch will feel in a cul-de-sac. It cannot grow anymore. A tree, to be really rich and growing, must grow in all the directions, opposite directions. It must grow toward every direction. Only then will this tree be rich, strong, multidimensional.

To me, the human spirit must grow like a tree, in all directions. And the old conception must be dropped that we cannot grow in opposite directions. We can grow; really we can only grow when we grow in opposite directions. But up until now this has not been the case. Up until now we have tried a specialization in the human mind also - one should grow in one specific direction. Then something ugly happens. One grows in a specific direction, but then he lacks everything. He becomes one branch, not a tree, not a tree. And this branch is also bound to be poor, bound to be poor.

Not only have we been cutting the branches of the mind, we have been cutting the roots. We allow only one root and one branch, so a very starved human being has come up all over the world. In the East, in the West, everywhere - very starved. And the East is always attracted toward the West and the West is attracted toward the East, because I am attracted to something which I lack, you are attracted to something which you lack. If you lack religion, whenever you feel starved you are attracted to the East. When the East begins to feel poor, poverty-stricken, diseased, ill, the East begins to be attracted toward the West, because of science, technology, affluence, medicine, everything.

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