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Chapter 10: Open the Door

Prose is just walking on the earth; poetry is a flight into the sky. Prose is just walking, poetry is dancing. The movements are the same, but the quality is tremendously different.

Good - you are blessed if the identification is gone. And that’s what I’m trying to do through sannyas, so that when your old identification is gone, you are left in a vacuum. Only in the vacuum can the hands of God descend in you and create something out of the mud that you are, create something beautiful. It will not be yours - it will come through you. Rejoice that the identification is gone; don’t try to bring it back. Forget all about it, forget all about everything that you know in relation to poetry, poetics. Forget everything - just rejoice in being yourself.

One day, suddenly you will fall in line with the whole - a turning in, a tuning in - and a song will descend like a dove. Then you will be, for the first time, a poet. You will not claim it, but you will be it. Those who are, don’t claim. Those who are not, only they claim.

The third question:

I feel like an actor in a play and I don’t always like my role in it. Just when I feel it is dropping, you push me back in it - defining it, defining me. It appears you give me a form, while my being is bursting at the seams. I want to explode and spread. Why do you mold me so?

The first thing: if you really feel that you are an actor in a play then there is no question of your like or dislike. Then you cannot say, “Sometimes I don’t like my role in it,” because like and dislike come only when you think of yourself not as an actor but as a doer.

To the actor, all roles are the same. What difference does it make whether you become Jesus or Judas in a drama? If you really know that this is a drama, and Judases and Jesuses are all the same behind the curtain, behind the stage - it is just an act - then what is wrong in being a Judas? How can you dislike it? And what is good in being Jesus? How can you like it?

Like and dislike exist only when you think you are the doer. Then good and bad come in; then judgment, evaluation; then condemnation, appreciation. Then the duality enters. Only with the doer, the duality enters. If you are an actor it is all the same whether you are a Judas or a Jesus. Once you understand the point that life is just a great drama you are finished with likes and dislikes. Then whatsoever the whole wills, you do it. You are not the doer: you fulfill the desire of the whole.

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