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Chapter 25: Religion, Religiousness and Religio

You may have a gold medal from the university, but you don’t know what love is. A gold medal will not help you to understand the real problems of life. In fact, your education has deceived you, and almost wasted the first third of your life, which is the most precious time when one can learn easily. One is fresh and capable of learning. They used that time and what they have taught to you is of no use.

When you become angry, can you find any answer from your education what to do about it? When you fall in love, has your university given you any clues, any idea what love is and what its implications are? - That it is not just a bed of roses, that every rose is surrounded by thorns? Have they made you alert how to avoid the thorns? No, they don’t prepare you for life. They prepare you to become a clerk, a stationmaster, a postmaster - any stupid thing - but they don’t prepare you for real life.

You will be becoming a father, but you have no idea that there is an art to being a father, to receiving a new guest in the world. You are going to become a mother, and no university has bothered to teach you that just to produce a child is not enough. In fact, after producing the child, the real work starts.

So nobody knows how to become a mother, how to become a father, how to be a wife, how to be a husband. Life’s real problems are simply ignored.

I was in constant trouble with my teachers, professors. Certainly, I was creating embarrassing situations for them. One of my professors used to teach English poetry. The very first day I asked him, “All this poetry is about love, how much love do you know? How many women have you loved? And is your wife aware of it?” He said, “What has that to do with this poetry?” I said, “It has everything to do with this poetry. Is your marriage a love marriage or an arranged marriage?” In India almost ninety-nine percent of all marriages are arranged. He said, “Of course it is an arranged marriage.” So I said, “You have not fallen in love ever! Or do you think it can be arranged, that the astrologers and the palmists and the chart readers can manage to find the right woman for you, and you are bound to fall in love? Do you mean to say that?” He said, “You are strange. I have come here just to teach poetry, and you are raising strange questions.” I said, “I am not raising strange questions. Next period I am coming here with your wife. I have talked to her. So either you be true and authentic, or next class you will have to face your wife, too, here in the class.” He said, “My God, you have met my wife?” I said, “Already, because I do everything perfectly. Before asking you, I have asked your wife everything, and she has told me. She is far more sincere than you are. You please tell me how many women you have loved.”

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