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Chapter 17: Love Is a Very Unscientific Idea

Religion can only be for twenty-four hours a day, it cannot be otherwise, remember. You cannot say, “For half an hour I am not going to be religious” - or can you? Then a Jaina for half an hour can eat meat because for half an hour he was not religious. Then a Christian, for half an hour, can kick the statue of Jesus from this corner to that corner in the room - for half an hour he is not religious! After half an hour it will be put back on the pedestal with great honor and respect and he will kneel down and pray to it. But for half an hour..

And everybody needs a little holiday once in a while. But in religion there is no holiday. Religion is twenty-four hours, day in, day out, year in, year out, because it is just like your breathing. But science is not a religion.

So when I have talked to a scientist when he is not a scientist - and nobody can be a scientist twenty-four hours a day, remember, it will kill him. He cannot love his wife because love does not exist according to science; there is nothing like love. It is a very unscientific idea - poetic, but not scientific. Love has not been analyzed, it has not been found what constitutes it, how it can be produced on a mass scale, what taste it has, what color it has, what smell it has, whether it is tangible or not.

Nothing has been found out about love scientifically. In any scientific book you cannot find love mentioned.

When I was in my matriculation year there used to be ninety-two elements, now there are one hundred and eight; that is why I say things go on changing. Ninety-two elements constituted the whole existence. I asked my teacher, “But in this whole list many things are missing.”

He said, “What do you mean?”

“For example,” I said, “there is no mention of love.”

He said, “Are you crazy? In a science class you inquire about love? All that kind of nonsense is okay when you are reading poetry, but in a science class.?”

I said, “Science or not, I know that you are in love.”

He was very much embarrassed because I really knew - and he knew that I knew. I had really caught him kissing a woman. And I said, “You confess; otherwise I will tell the whole class and the whole school who the woman is” - because the woman was also a teacher in the school, and this whole thing was happening behind the scientific lab.

“In these ninety-two elements where is it mentioned? If it is not mentioned, on what grounds were you kissing that woman? So unscientific, silly. You should start teaching in a poetry class - poetry, literature - and behind the poetry class you can go on kissing anybody you want. But behind the science lab..”

He said, “I am sorry, but..”

I said, “This won’t do. Say that there are ninety-three elements in life.”

He said, “That I cannot say because love is not proved scientifically.”

I said, “That’s true, but all scientists love. Not only that, they produce children. Not only that, they get married, they even get divorced - and everything is unscientific! In the first place, falling in love..”

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