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Chapter 4: At a Time Like This?

If the candidate could not answer the questions correctly he would be put in jail. All the interviews so far had failed. The Hindus had come, the Mohammedans had come, the Christians had come, and nobody had been able to succeed. They were all thrown in jail, and the king was very disappointed.

Then came a Jew. The naked princess pointed towards her tits and asked the first question, “What are these?”

The Jew said, “Charming mountains of milk and honey.”

Receiving the correct answer for the first time, the princess was very delighted.

Don’t forget the answers - remember.

Then, pointing towards the Jew’s prick, she asked the second question, “What is this?”

“This is the rod of life with the bells of Jerusalem,” the Jew said.

Overjoyed, she asked the third question, pointing towards her vagina, “What is this?”

“This is the center of all creation of mankind,” the Jew replied.

“You have been able to answer all my questions correctly. I accept you as my worthy husband,” the princess said. “Now the final test: mount the mountains of milk and honey, put the rod of life into the center of creation and ring the bells of Jerusalem!”

Enough for today.