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Chapter 9: The Discipline beyond Discipline

It is not a chain of cause and effect. You cannot create it; it is already there. You cannot destroy it, because you are it. It is the very life. You can only do one thing - either you can close your eyes towards it, either you can forget about it, you can become absolutely oblivious of it, OR you can remember, see, realize.

If you are lost in too much doing, ambition, riches, money, prestige, power, then you will lose track of the truth which is always by the side of you - just by the corner, just within reach - but you are keeping your back towards it.

Or you can allow it. If you become a little more meditative and less ambitious, if you become a little more religious and less political, if you become a little more unworldly than worldly, if you start moving more withinwards than without, if you start becoming a little more alert than sleepy, if you come out of your drunk state, if you bring a little light into your being, then.then you will be close, close home. You have never been away. Then your whole life will be transformed, transfigured. Then you will live in a totally different way; a new quality will be there in your life which has nothing to do with your doing, which is a gift, a benediction.

Lose sight of it to an inch.says Buddha, .or miss it for a moment, and we are away from it forever more.

Look into it for a single moment, come close to it even a single inch, and it is yours, and it has always been yours.

This is the paradox of a siddhanta. This is not a doctrine, this is Buddha’s realization. He is simply trying to share his realization with you. He is not propounding a philosophy or a system of thought. He is simply pointing towards the moon, the reality.

Don’t look at his pointing fingers, otherwise you will miss; you will become a Buddhist. Look at the moon the finger is pointing to. Forget the finger completely and look at the moon and you will become a buddha.

This is the problem that humanity has to settle. It is very much easier to become a Christian than to become a christ, very much easier to become a Buddhist than to become a buddha, but the reality is known only by becoming a christ or a buddha. By becoming a Christian or a Buddhist you are again becoming carbon copies. Don’t insult yourself that way. Have a little respect for yourself. Never be a Christian and never be a Buddhist and never be a Hindu. Just be consciousness undefined, unbound, unmotivated. If you can do that much, all else will follow on its own accord.

Enough for today.