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Chapter 7: The Infinite Journey

Yes, through your eyes you can show it, through your touch you can show it, through a thousand and one things you can indicate towards it, but how can you say it? Language is not capable of it.

If you cannot say “love,” how can you say “prayer”? “Prayer” is falling in love with the whole. It is the greatest love there is. How can you say “prayer”?

A really religious person sits silently in his prayerfulness. And those who go on talking to God, saying things to God, don’t know what prayer is. They are repeating clichés. They are repeating words.

A real prayerfulness is bound to be silent. One remains mystified. One is overpowered by the infinite. One wonders, one is in a deep awe. But how can you say anything? Words falter, the mind stops, the thinking cannot move. Suddenly you are in a deep emptiness. You are there, but words are not there. You feel your own heart beating, you can feel your own breathing; when you become totally silent you can even feel your own blood circulating - but there is no mind.

Prayerfulness cannot be done. It is not an act; it is nothing like a doing. It is something that you can be in, but you cannot do. You can be prayerful, but you cannot pray. It is a state of mind, not an activity.

God, nirvana, Tao, truth - just meaningless sounds.indicative, pointing towards the infinite, towards the beyond.fingers pointing to the moon.

But fingers are not the moon. If I show you the moon with my finger, don’t catch hold of my finger - it has nothing to do with the moon. Don’t be attached to my finger, otherwise you will miss the moon. The finger has to be forgotten. You have to move away from the finger to see the moon.

So whatsoever a buddha has said has to be forgotten. Scriptures have to be dropped - they are fingers pointing to the moon. But you become a Christian, you become a Hindu, you become a Buddhist - there you miss. Suddenly you are caught by empty words, verbiage, rubbish, and the more you are caught in the verbiage, the further away you are from the truth.

Truth is an experiencing, it is not an intellectual effort. It has nothing to do with intellect. Your intelligence burns bright. Yes, your intelligence has a clarity, but the mirror is completely clean of words.

Once Goethe was asked, “What is the meaning, the secret, of life?” He replied, “That which the plant does unconsciously, do consciously.that is to say, grow.” The meaning of life is in growth. The meaning of nirvana is in your growth. The meaning of truth is in your growth: Grow.

And there is no end to this growth. You go on growing, you go on growing. The journey is infinite. There never comes a goal. Many goals come and go, many peaks of experience come and go, but still the infinite waits and it goes on waiting. You cannot exhaust it.

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